Top 10 Best Cricket Bat in India (Quality)

Best Cricket Bat in India:- Cricket is one of the most loved sports in India. It is one of my best hobbies to play cricket with my friends. I cherish the moments when I hit sixes in the ground. Cricket is like a hangover of positive thoughts in my life.

Amidst the coronavirus epidemic, when cricket returned, there was a lot of discussion about the ban on the use of balls and saliva on the ball. Apart from this, there is minimal discussion in cricket about bats.

In cricket, batsmen use luxurious and expensive cricket bats, about which fans have very little knowledge. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the best bats used in cricket and their merits –

The bat has the same position in cricket as the sword in the game of fencing. To become a professional cricketer, you must know about bats, and you will never buy a good bat unless you know the types of bats.

Often in the market, when an inexperienced player goes to get sports items, the shopkeeper puts many options in front of him, but due to lack of experience, the buyers get looted.

An experienced buyer never gets caught up in the things of the shopkeeper. They buy sports items as per the quality of the goods and their needs.

Similarly, when an experienced cricketer or batsman goes to the market to buy a bat, he also knows about the bat he has to buy? The main root of the problem is knowledge, a player knows to play cricket, but when it comes to buying a bat, they get confused.

In such a situation, the shopkeeper takes advantage and gives them his unsold goods. In the course of all this, we have a bat with bad quality and your performance in the field of cricket starts deteriorating rather than being good.

If you are fond of playing cricket and planning to buy a good bat, this information is beneficial for you.

Here the article informs you about the right bat which you can buy through online mediums. Let’s talk in detail about Best Cricket Bat in India.

Best Cricket Bat in India

1. SS Ton

SS Ton Cricket bat

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Spartan Sports is one of the famous sports goods companies whose full name is Sarin Sports. The brand offers the best cricket bat in the English Willow series.

Spartan is an Indian company established in Meerut in 1969. Apart from the cricket bat, this company also makes helmets, pads, and gloves.

The bat of SS is liked not only by foreign players but also by Indian players. Former India captain MS Dhoni and West Indies stormy all-rounder Andre Russell are among the players who use the bat.

SS’s Ton bat is currently overshadowed in the cricket world due to its lightweight. It is one of the best-selling English willow cricket bats, which costs a lot more than a regular bat. This is the reason why it is the favorite bat of the sixes.

  • Price: Between 2000 to 44000 rupees
  • Weight: 1100 to 1250 grams

2. MRF Genius

MRF Genius Cricket bat

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Moving further with the list of best cricket bats in India is MRF bats. The brand has a great identity in Indian cricket. Sachin Tendulkar used MRF’s bat for a long time and demolished many big cricket world records.

At present, in the cricket world, MRF Genius Grand Edition Bat has made its debut, which is made of Grade-1 English willow.

It is designed to be suitable for attacking batting. The high spin and balance of this bat are tremendous, and that is why it becomes effortless for the batsman to take big shots.

MRF Genius Grand Edition is used by current Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, whose aggressive playing style has broken many cricket history records.

The Genius Grand Edition is made from top-quality English Willow. The bat is ideal for aggressive play. It comes with a 7-9 clear grain structure.

Its 40mm edge and 60+ mm spine give unmatchable power for driving power hits, while its optimal balanced shape provides excellent control over the bat.

The bat is one of the best bats in India. It is known for excellent bat balance to adjust the shot in minimum time to surprise the bowlers.

It is rated as the most popular cricket bat in India. This English Willow cricket bat is about 1140-1210 grams.

  • Price: Between Rs 2,500 to 26,000
  • Weight: 1200 grams
  • Grains: 7-9 grains

3. Kookaburra

Kookaburra Cricket Bat

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Next added to the list of best cricket bats in India is Kookaburra. The ball of the brand is often mentioned in cricket, but this company’s bats are known in the world for their superb design and power. You may remember the story when Ricky Ponting defeated India in the final of the 2003 World Cup.

After this, a rumor spread among cricket fans across India that there was a spring in Ponting’s bat. There was no spring in the bat, Although the Kookaburra‘s bat power definitely helped Ricky Ponting score a century.

Kookaburra is an Australian company known for making world-class cricket bats and hockey sticks. Kookaburra is the biggest name in the world of sports. This is the reason every cricket lover loves the cricket bats of Kookaburra.

The Kookaburra brand has many editions of cricket bats which include Jose Butler Limited Edition, Fever Pro 2000, Ghost Pro 1500, and Shadow Pro 2000.

Among the best cricket bats series, Kookaburra Jose Butler Limited Edition Cricket Bat is liked by most cricket players. Jose Butler is one of the encouraging batsmen and he uses naturally processed top-quality English Willow from Kookaburra Brand.

The bat is unique in itself and most Australian cricketers use bat made by the Kookaburra brand. The price of these bats is between 15 thousand to 50 thousand rupees.

Kookaburra cricket bats were introduced in the early 1800s and became one of the world’s best Bats in India. Still, the brand is among the top 5 cricket bat brands in the world.

The bat has more pronounced and straight grains without defects on its surface. Apart from this, the Bat comes with a 12-piece Sarawak cane handle.

Its Power surface helps to have a strong counter on the bowler. The batting surface is wide which optimizes contact between the bat and the ball. The bat weighs about 1150-1210 grams.

Kookaburra Jose Butler Limited Edition

  • Price: 2500- 25000 rupees
  • Weight: Between 1150 and 1210 grams
  • Grains: 6-9 Grains

4. SG

SG Cricket bat

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Another of the best bat brand in India is Sensperilles Greenlands or SG. It is one of India’s renowned sporting goods manufacturing companies, which has been known for its excellent cricket bat for the past several decades.

The SG Sunny Tonny Classic of this company has become the favorite of domestic and foreign players, named after the legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. The SG’s famous classic series bat, is renowned for its stunning design and features.

The edge of this bat is 40 mm, which gives the batsman outstanding balance and stability at the time of the shot.

The bat is quite powerful due to its superb and traditional design. Its long handle helps the batsman in power foot shots. This is the reason that the price of this bat is slightly higher than other bats.

The SG bats offer one of the best bats as far as the quality of wood is concerned.  The craze of this English Willow bat is huge among youngsters as well as international players.

Many Indian players used this bat, and everyone knows about the fame of SG Bats worldwide.

The Sunny Tonni Classic is made with the quality of Engish willow, which is traditionally sized and styled for the best stability when playing shots.

In addition, the Bat 9-11 comes with a clear perfect grain structure. The  English Willow bat of the Sg brand is available with a maximum-sized spot, which helps boost confidence and emphasis stroke play.

The bat has several pieces of imported Sarawak cans to increase and maximize strength. It is required for additional bonding between the handle and the blade, maximizing durability and power transfer.

The bat’s round face provides a clear direction of power across the field but yields slightly less power than a bat with a familiar profile. The English Willow cricket bat weighs about 1140–1220 grams.

  • Price: about 2500 – 35000 rupees
  • Weight: Between 1150 and 1200 grams
  • Grains: 9-12 Grains buy

5. DSC Bat


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A cricket bat is one that complies with and enhances the playing skills of the batsman. It is essential that you invest in the right way, whatever the situation on the pitch, it should prove beneficial for your game. 

Next to the bat brand which managed to get registered in the list is DSC. The brand offers the best quality cricket bats.

The DSC Intense Passion Bat is for senior players who are in training and play at an intermediate level. The bat comes with a cover for protection from dust and grime. The blade of the bat is made of English willow which is durable and long-lasting.

It is a Grade 2 English Willow Bat for intermediate players to advance their game. The brand has increased the sweet spot so that the player would get an additional drive zone.

With the state-of-the-art technology, DSC tries to expand the spot area, so the player will get a heavy sweet spot to hit powerful strokes.

This DSC bat’s sweet state is kept mid to low while effectively optimizing balance and weight distribution. Overall, it is a good bat for players attacking players to play an effective knock.

6. BDM

BDM Cricket Bat

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One more added to the list for best cricket bat in India is BDM Dynamic Power. The cricket bat is famous for its five-star performance. 

The bat is processed in the UK home with Grade 1+ English Willow for perfect grain structure and lightweight pick-up.

The Dynamic Power Xtreme is made of 8 grains on the surface with no defects, and there is no concreting on its 63 mm spine.

The company uses state-of-the-art technology to process the English willow. The bats are equipped with top-quality sugar cane handles for excellent feel, flex, and control with unique shock absorption.

It comes with a cricket bat toe guard for durability. The bat is made with a high spine and full back profile for superior weight distribution which enables the best possible bat performance.

The BDM brand has its headquarter in Meerut. The bat is known to grow attraction with its stylish design. (Most of the BDM’s bats have round toes and a fullback profile of high spine). The bat weight is about 1180–1250 grams.

7. SF

SF Cricket Bat

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Another one of the best brands of a cricket bat is SF. The brand is known for its premium English willow wood. The bat is processed with modern state-of-the-art.  It is a traditional Asian-style bat with huge edges and a curved blade to play powerful strokes.

The brand uses a willow selection technique and selects the wood based on moisture content, willow grain, spine height, and overall bat performance.

The SF Blade RE is made using Premium English Willow to give the player the best performance and best results.

Its edge thickness is about 40 mm, while the height of the spine is about 61 mm. The weight of a player bat can range from 1100 grams to 1180 grams.

8. New Balance

New Balance Cricket Bat

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Next queued in the list of famous best cricket bat in India is New Balance. The brand offers the best bats for playing hard tennis ball cricket, but it can also be used for leather ball cricket if you have a low budget. However, it is made of original English willow.

New Balance DC 570 is a mid-range cricket bat. The brand is very popular among young cricket players. The bat is suitable for all types of cricketers. Its weight, balance are developed in such a way that they suit all the dynamic needs of modern cricket. The bat is made from English Willow, which has a great combination of edge, spine thickness.

The new balance bat is a perfect combination of power and control so the player can hit huge shots on the field. Its sweet position in the middle provides a great balance and makes it suitable for cutting, pulling, and driving images.

9. GM Six6 Bullet

Gm Cricket bat

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Moving forward with the list of best cricket bat in India. Next on the list is GM bats. The English Willow series of the brand is manufactured by excellent craftsmen in Nottingham, England. And this is one of the best bats in India which offers a Light Weight pick-up. 

The bat is used extensively by young players from all over the world. Due to its excellent quality, the bat is perfect for attacking the bowlers. It is an ideal bat for beginners 12 to 15 years old. It is made of English willow and comes with a long handle.


  • Good threading
  • Poly coating
  • Ideal for 12 to 15 years old
  • Lightweight (1 Kg to 1.2 Kg)
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Bat Cover included


  • It is not good at all for hard balls.
  • It will take time to freeze or make a grip.

10. Thrax Black Edition

Thrax Black Edition

A professional English Willow in the Thrax Black Edition Bat Mid Range. The cricket bat is designed for every kind of game.

It is one of the best English willow cricket bats launched by Thrax. Many state-level cricket players use this bat. Black Edition has been developed with a premium grade 1 English Willow customized with maximum moisture level so that the bat can meet modern games’ needs.

When selecting a willow cricket bat, some facts are needed to keep in mind for the right combination of balance, weight, and bat profile. The Black Edition is considered for its premium willow and scientifically designed bat weight distribution concept. The English Willow bat weight is about 1150-1220 grams.

11. Laver and Wood

Laver and Wood Cricket bat

The list of best cricket brands continues with one more in the list i.e Laver and Wood Winning Legend cricket brand. Although the bat has classy look and the bat performs superbly.

The Legend helps to generate power in the shot to assist the player in clearing the boundary and will surely help you get value for your shots.

It is made of premium English willow with light pick-up which helps in manipulating the ball and finding the gaps.

The company’s corporate office is in New Zealand. The Laver and wood-winning legend cricket equipment company provides make high-quality, meticulously designed, handmade cricket bats.

The founder of the Laver and wood brand is Mr. James Laver, an expert in the cricket field also the MD of the company.

It is a top-grade English willow bat with a unique bat profile and shape. The Bats are developed with an optimal profile that is a combination of strength and perfect balance. It is suitable for every type of player who is usually against fast bowling attacks.

What is the history of a cricket bat?

Talking about the history of the cricket bat, in 1720, people used to play cricket with the wood used to drive sheep. 

For the first time in history, information about the use of cricket bats is found in 1620. After 100 years, the bat took the shape of hockey. The cricket bat changed in size in 1750 and was slightly flattened and sharpened. It had a longer handle, then the lower part became flat in 1800–1840.

Gradually the whole bat also started becoming wooden. At the same time, the weight of the bat was about two and a half to three kg. From 1774 to 1790, Bats began to resemble the modern era. Then the lower part was slightly round and the length was longer. 

After this, with the introduction of over-bowling from 1990 till now, the bats started to be strengthened, so that they could bear fastballs. Also, the bats are now becoming wider. In recent years, technology has been used extensively in cricket bats.

What wood are cricket bats made of?

The cricket bat is made of willow wood. Scientifically the tree is named “Salix alba”. Willow trees occur in the Aix area of ​​England, in India it is the highest in Kashmir. In most parts of India, bats come from Kashmir. The bat rule was changed a few years ago when former Australian cricketer Ian Healy used an aluminum metal bat. 

Then the captain of the opposition team told the umpire that this bat made of heavy metal is spoiling the cricket ball and then the umpires asked Ian Healy not to use that bat. Since then, a new rule has emerged in cricket that the blade of a cricket bat must be made of wood.
When the wood is cut to make a bat, it weighs about ten kilos. But after flavoring, it remains just one kg 200 grams. 

The bat is then pressed with a special machine so that its playing part is strengthened, the ball does not pothole it, and the ball can bounce.  Applying linseed oil on the bat makes it stronger. According to Cricket’s Rule 6, the length of the bat should not exceed 38 inches (965 mm) and the width should not exceed 4.25 inches (108 mm) while the weight of the bat should be from 2 to 3 pounds (1.2 kg to 1.4 kg).

What are the things to keep in mind before taking a cricket bat?

Two types of bat are mostly used in Indian cricket – Kashmir willow bat and English willow bat / English willow cricket bat.

Professionals know what is the difference between the two bats. But those who are still learning to play cricket or are thinking of making their career in cricket should also know which bat will be good for them. 

Before choosing a bat, let us know what is the difference between the Kashmir willow bat and the English willow bat?


Kashmir willow bat wood is found in Kashmir has higher growth than trees in England.

The wood of the Kashmir willow bat is lighter than the English willow bat.

Kashmir willow bat has a greater density than the English willow bat.

Kashmir willow bat is less soft than English willow bat.

Kashmir willow bat is slightly brown in color.

More textures are found in English willow bat than Kashmir willow bat.

Kashmir willow bat is considerably cheaper.


England wood is used for English willow bat. The growth of trees found in England is less than the trees of Kashmir.

English willow bat wood is heavier than Kashmir willow bat.

English willow bat has a lower density than the Kashmir willow bat. English willow bat is softer than the Kashmir willow bat.

The wood of the English willow bat is white in color. English willow bait is more expensive.

Talking about the price of both bats, the Kashmir willow bat is much cheaper. You will find a good bat of Kashmir willow in the range of two thousand. 

To buy an English Willow Bat or an English Willow Bat, you need to loosen the pockets more. Its price starts from Rs 1500 to 25 thousand. 

In professional cricket, most batsmen use English willow bat. Very few cricketers like to choose the Kashmir willow bat.

Kashmir willow bat is best for learning

If you are just learning to play cricket or only play cricket as an amateur, then Kashmir willow bat is the best option for you. 

The biggest reason for this is that it is much cheaper than the English willow bat. If you do not want to make a career in cricket or want to improve your batting skills, give priority to the Kashmir willow bat.

English willow bat is made for professional

English Willow Bat or English Willow Cricket Bat is called the Bat of Professionals. If you want to make a career in the cricket line itself, then make a habit of playing with an English willow bat from the beginning. 

English willow bat improves your way of playing, as well as a professional appearance in your batting. Although English willow bait is a bit expensive later on you will get a lot of benefit from it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Which willow is better for a wooden cricket bat? 

    The quality of the bat depends on the quality of the wood used. The highest quality bat is of English willow. Then there is the Kashmiri willow, which is of medium quality and is used to make budget-friendly baits. If you want to play at a professional level, take English willow; otherwise, Kashmiri willow is also an ideal option.

  2. How many grains in a cricket bat are considered good?

    The number of grains for one bat varies from another. Generally, the strike side would have a specific bat between 6 and 12 grains. It is an indicator of good quality. A bat of 6 grains is slightly softer than a bat of 10 or 12 grains.

  3. What factors determine the weight of a bat?

    The following are the six most important factors that determine the weight of a bat-
    # Moisture content in wood
    # Selected Wood Density
    # The process of how a bat is made
    # Blade rotation
    # Edge thickness
    # Handle material

  4. What are some common reasons for damages in cricket bats?

    Although there are many reasons why a cricket bat breaks or cracks but there are some common reasons like-
    # Knocking the wrong way.
    # Lack of oiling
    # Due to the wet edge
    # By using low-quality wood.

  5. Which cricket bat is suitable for a leather ball?

    Choosing an English willow bat for leather ball would be right.

  6. What are the Cost and Average price of the cricket bat?

    Taking a cricket bat is not a laughing game for everyone. Either you have to become experienced or have to go with an expert. 

    If both these topics are difficult for you, you should first get complete information about the cricket bat and only buy it. 

    In the market, you will find many options in the form of bats, out of which you have to identify the right and wrong. 

    Apart from this, you can also buy cricket bats online. Here we are going to tell you about some such reliable bats, which you can buy online. These bats are available from Rs 1000 to Rs 17000.

  7. What is the Best size for Bat?

    Pay special attention to the size. Most people do not know that there are many types of bats too. Bats have different sizes of bat from number 1 to 6. 

    Apart from the length of bats of different sizes, there is also a difference in width and thickness. You have to choose the right bat according to your height. 

    If you start playing with the wrong size bat, then your batting technique may be poor at the beginning of your career, which is very difficult to improve later. So keep in mind the size while taking the bat.

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