TOP 10 Best Intelligence Agencies Of The World

TOP 10 Best intelligence Agencies of the World

In this top 10 list, I have just started the top 10 agencies in the list from a broad point of view, the other rankings of 10 could be slightly different.

But it is a truth that all these agencies are leading organizations of the world working for their countries.

These agencies keep safe their countries from enemies. Members of these agencies sacrifice their lives for their motherland.

According to their performance of previous years, these agencies have been ranked in this top 10 list.

Enjoy the top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

Best Intelligence Agencies of The World

10. Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan


The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) belongs to Pakistan. Its head office is situated in Islamabad, the capital of Islamic Republican Pakistan.

It is whispered to be the topmost intelligence agency with the most advanced sources of information.

It has thousands of secret agents working around the world today. ISI is considered the most patriotic intelligence agency in Pakistan.

It will be amazing for you to hear this; ISI is the least funded agency among the above-mentioned agencies.

It has approximately ten thousand regular agents working across the world.

Apparently, Osama Bin Ladin’s case is a question mark on its reputation but it is also said that ISI knew very well about the operation which resulted in Osama’s death.

ISI is ranked at 10th in this list of top 10 best intelligence agencies of the world because of its limited financial sources and great performance to safeguard its country from its worst enemies.

FormedJanuary 1, 1948
HeadquartersIslamabad, Pakistan
Annual budgetClassified
Intelligence agency executiveLt. Gen. Faiz Hameed, Director-General of ISI

9. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), (Australia)

Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), (Australia)

Australian Secret Intelligence Service was established in 1952. It was decided during a top-secret meeting presided by Prime Minister Robert Menzies and headed by Alfred Deakin Brookes.

The purposes and existence of ASIS were to protect the secrets of the country.

The main role of the agency was to gather information and transfer it to different secret intelligence agencies of the country.

This agency is also given the responsibility to plan and carry out special operations when needed. It is ranked at 9 in this list of top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

Formed13 May 1952
HeadquartersCanberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Minister responsibleMarise Payne,
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Agency executivePaul Symon,
Parent agencyDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade

8. Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), India


Research and Analysis Wing which is generally known as R&AW was established in 1968.

Raw functions autonomously and is responsible for gathering and transferring secret information to different agencies of the country to cope up the problem of terrorism in India.

RAW makes counter-terrorism polices. In order to do this efficiently, they are also responsible for gathering and analyzing information.

The Agency is used successfully by the Indian government and is involved in every aspect to safeguard national interests.

The major purpose of establishing it to destabilized Pakistan. It is said that this agency is used to barricade the attack done from the enemy country Pakistan.

It is also stated that this agency is behind the agency to prepare the master plan for army related activities and tells the army how to face attacks.

It is ranked at 8 in this list of top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

Formed21 September 1968
HeadquartersCGO Complex, New Delhi, India
Mottoधर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः (Sanskrit)
Dharmō rakṣati rakṣitaḥ (ISO)
(The law protects when it is protected.)
Minister responsibleNarendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
Wing executiveSamant Goel, Secretary
Parent WingCabinet Secretariat
Child agenciesThe Aviation Research Centre
Radio Research Center
Electronics and Technical Services
National Technical Research Organisation
Special Frontier Force
Special Group

7. Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS), Canada


CSIS was formed in 1984 by the Act of parliament, Bill C-9.

This agency is the country’s premier secret agency responsible for gathering information, analyzing, and reporting prior to distributing intelligence concerning any kind of national intimidation for its country.

The head office of this secret agency is in Ottawa, Ontario.

The function of the agency is supervised by the federal court system along with the Security Intelligence Review Committee.

It is ranked at 7 in this list of top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

FormedJune 21, 1984, by Act of Parliament
Preceding agencyRCMP Security Service
HeadquartersOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Minister responsibleThe Honourable Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Agency executiveDavid Vigneault
Parent agencyPublic Safety Canada

6. Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieur (DGSE), France


DGSE Agency is France’s Top intelligence Agency. The Agency works under the instructions and direction of Ministry of Defense.

The Agency also functions corresponding with the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence, at the same time as focusing on internal and external intelligence concerning national security.

In our top ten online articles, it is ranked sixth according to its performance. It is ranked at 6 in this list of top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

FormedApril 2, 1982
Preceding agencyExternal Documentation and Counter-Espionage Service
JurisdictionGovernment of France
Headquarters141 Boulevard Mortier, Paris XX, France
Minister responsibleFlorence Parly, Minister of Defense
Agency executiveBernard Emié, Director
Parent agencyMinistry of Defense

5. (MOSSAD) The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, (Israel)

The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, (Israel)

The head office of MOSSAD is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. MOSSAD is a top national intelligence agency.

Basically, MOSSAD is a Hebrew word which means “the institute”. It was incorporated for taking responsibility for matters related to Intelligence collection and counter-terrorism.

This agency comes into being in 1949. It was established to safeguard Jews in the world. MOSSAD director reports directly to the Prime Minister of Israel.

This agency was specially established against Muslims. MOSSAD is consuming billions of dollars each year to harm Muslims.

It is ranked at 5 in this list of top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

FormedDecember 13, 1949 as the Central Institute for Coordination
HeadquartersTel Aviv, Israel
Employees7,000 (estimated)
Agency executiveYossi Cohen, Director
Parent agencyOffice of the Prime Minister

4. Federal Security Services (FSB), Russia

Federal Security Services (FSB), Russia

Federal Security Services (FSB) of Russia is the topmost security organization of the Russian Federation and is also known to be the descendant agency of the KGB.

The Agency has a vast experience in countering terrorism. The Head office of this agency is located in Lubyanka Square Moscow.

The agency is also believed to work with RAW (India) and other ex-soviet agencies in Russia.

It is stated that RAW, KGB and FSB have jointly been working against Pakistan sovereignty.

This agency is also an expert in cross border security and scrutiny.

However, from the perspective of its performance, we ranked it at 4 in our top ten rankings.

It is ranked at 4 in this list of top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

Formed12 April 1995
Preceding agencyFSK
JurisdictionPresident of Russia
Headquarters24 Kuznetsky Most, Moscow, Russia
MottoFSB (ФСБ)
EmployeesState secret – greater than 262,000 (see text)
Agency executiveAlexander Bortnikov, Director

3. Ministry of State Security (MSS), China


The Ministry of State Security of China is known to be the liveliest and the prime agency operating under the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

This agency also plays a significant role in handling domestic intelligence issues as well.

It is also stated that the Ministry of State Security Agency works directly with other international intelligence agencies including ISI from Pakistan.

It is ranked at 3 in this list of top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

FormedJuly 1983
TypeConstituent Department of the State Council (cabinet-level)
JurisdictionPeople’s Republic of China
Agency executiveChen Wenqing, Minister for State Security
Parent agencyState Council

2. MI6, (Military Intelligence Section 6) UK


Military Intelligence Section 6 is a top intelligence agency of the United Kingdom.

Its head office is situated in London. This top-Secret Intelligence Services agency is generally known as MI6.

It is a well know and highly regarded Intelligence Agency with outstanding achievements dealing with countering terrorism and addressing several national and international issues.

The agency is involved in working closely with the United States, India, and Israel agencies.

It is ranked at 2 in this list of top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

FormedJuly 1909
PrecedingSecret Service Bureau
TypeForeign intelligence service
JurisdictionHer Majesty’s Government
HeadquartersSIS Building
London, England
United Kingdom
MottoSemper Occultus (Always Secret)
Minister responsibleDominic Raab, Foreign Secretary
Agency executiveAlex Younger, Chief

1. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) USA


Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America was originated in 1947. Its head office is situated in Langley, Virginia. This is situated near Washington D.C.

It has over regular 22,000 employees. This Agency is the most popular and by financial sources, it is regarded as the number one agency in the world.

This agency has promoted several terrorist groups in the world. Therefore, the CIA is notorious and is badly reputed in all world countries.

The Agency works on the principles which are similar to other intelligence agencies working in the world.

The CIA works with national and international intelligence agencies to gather, analyze, and verify critical information in relation to countering terrorism and other political issues.

The Agency has the honor of being one of the fastest in dealing with every aspect of world issues. This agency always works from dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk for American interests.

It is stated that the CIA is the mother of the world’s most dreadful groups like the Taliban, Al-Qaida, Blackwater, and Daesh. 

It is ranked at 1st in this list of top 10 best intelligence Agencies of the World.

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