Top 10 Best Matrimonial Sites in India

Best Matrimonial Sites in India: As we look back in time, People would seek newspapers, and visit public gatherings for finding the perfect match for their son or daughter. At that time, arranged marriages happened by word of mouth and through marriage brokers.

With jobs moving people away from their hometowns, communities are spilled, and it becomes challenging to find the right match by just word of mouth. All the old ways to find an ideal match have become a strenuous task. Today the time has changed, and the process to find a perfect match has become much more manageable. 

All that we need to do is to visit the Best Matrimonial Sites available in India. After this, a person has to update their profile and search for the perfect partner. Matrimonial sites make it easier, as the details of a suitable partner are just a click away. While some feel they could be cheated, these useful matrimonial websites have taken measures to keep the registration legitimate in India.

You will get thousand of options to choose from. These sites provide results as per your community, religion, caste, profession, status, age, language, and many other options available for us to fulfill the expectations we carry to find a perfect partner. Let us go through the top matrimonial websites in India below:

Best Matrimonial Sites in India

1. Site

Looking for a perfect life partner on the web then is the only site that first touches the heart & mind of every Indian. is one of the pioneers of matrimonial sites in India. It is founded in the year 1996 by Anupam Mittal, this matrimonial site offers matchmaking services for people belonging to different religions, castes, and languages.

The site Interface is very easy. To begin with, you need to register, create a profile, give the details of your requirements, set filters, and express interest. The system brings you only relevant profiles and assures 100% safety.

You can choose to provide your contact details to only those you are interested in, and the company offers to return the fee if you are not able to find your match in 30 days. This matrimonial site charges based on the package type you choose and the payment is very secure.

The site has over three million successful matches and has been able to build kindness and trust among all people in India and the world. Serving in many countries like the United States, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Australia, and a few of the Middle East is the global matrimonial website worldwide.

Some of the key features are:

  • They provide 100% safety and privacy
  • Security for online payments is given
  • 30-day return policy is given
  • 9 to 6 customer care is available from Monday to Saturday.

2. Site e1591862902378

The most trusted, most innovative, and most preferred is the only website with a sizable collection available for various communities, religions, castes, and accordingly hunt options in one place.

With more than 20 million members and regional offices for offline services available in many states of India. They are serving not only in India but in other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, with a broad vision and reach.

This site is one of the most trusted and popular among the other matrimonial sites. It holds a place in the Limca Book of Records for assisting with a record number of marriages through the site. It caters to people of all religions, languages, and castes. The site has language-specific portals within it and makes matchmaking more simplified.

Some of the key features are:

  • A separate portal for 15 regions, Tamil matrimony, Kerala matrimony, Telugu matrimony, and so on.
  • They conduct campaigns for prospective families to meet.
  • Payments are 100% secure
  • The site assures privacy and guarantees you find the perfect partner

3. Site

With a vast database available for millions of Indians to choose from and many community options at one’s fingertips, helpline numbers, online chat, and many other things which in a sense are essential for one to explore. makes it possible for everyone looking for a perfect match; it is the real prime website. is a good matrimonial site that was started in the year 2006 and is currently one of the fast-growing matrimonial sites in India. Like other sites, you just have to register, create your profile, and look for suitable matches.

Memberships allow you to get the phone number, email, or chat with the person you are interested in. Membership plans start from Rs. 200, you can also get help in finding the right profile through their customer care.

Some of the key features are:

  • Assured privacy and filtered profiles are available
  • Phone numbers are verified
  • Security for photos and profiles is provided.
  • The category-based selection available (Language, caste, Religion, etc.) 

4. Site

If you are hunting for a perfect life partner according to your community then is the best site to visit. With more than 180 offices situated in different cities of India and full offline support at them which ultimately helps you to make the right choice. helps one to hunt according to caste, religion, and communal options which matter very much in Indian society. is the best matrimonial website that was started in the year 2009 and offers matrimonial services to over 350 communities for people all over the country. You just need to register, create your profile and choose from the list of communities. Since there are so many, you can simply choose your preference from the alphabet list or click the drop-down box.

Some of the key features are:

  • The company offers a free app for Android phones
  • Online payments are secure
  • Assures 100% privacy
  • 24-hour customer care service on all days of the week

5. Site

When it comes to trust and authenticity, the only site that completes in one go is The site is well-known and the most trusted place for matrimony in India. It provides its services in the United Kingdom, United States, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Malaysia, and many others in the world. is run and operated by Bharat Matrimony, another prime matrimonial group in India.

6. Site

If you are a caliber one and looking for the same on the web, then there is none other than This website is a type of class and standard that helped millions of users to find the perfect partner as per their expectations, views, personalities, and many other things which make some difference from others. This site is managed by Bharat Matrimony mainly for excellent users.


One more added to the list of Best Matrimonial websites in India Is Keralamatrimony. The site is an auxiliary site of This website mainly serves literate people as we all know Kerala has the highest rate of literacy than any other state in India. Providing a considerable database for various south Indian communities and having many offices in multiple cities like Allapuzha, Calicut, Cochin, Kannur, Kollam, and Thiruvalla to provide excellent offline services.

8. Site 1

Swayamwara is an online matrimonial service company started that caters to people all over India. It is one of the best matrimonial sites in India. It offers category-specific searches like Language, Caste, Country, and Religion.

Registration is free and 3 months, 6 months and 1-year membership options are available to access email, phone number, and horoscopes. The site also provides a horoscope compatibility feature.

Some of the key features are:

  • The membership plans offered are not expensive.
  • Online payment is secure
  • The site has some unique features like a wedding planner, e-invites, E-cards, Legal marriage, Wedding rituals, etc.
  • Free horoscope matching results on any of the membership plans
  • Assures privacy and sharing of contact details with the user’s approval
  • Match alerts are sent to email and mobile

9. Site

KMmatrimony is a Kalyanamalai matrimony site that is highly active not only through its website but also through its varied campaigns. They especially cater to the South like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. It now is known as KM Wedding Events Management, began in the year 1999. It began as a TV program and went on to become an online matrimonial service provider as well.

Some of the key features are:

  • The company offers services through SUN TV, Kalyanamalai magazine, KM matrimony website, Specially arranged matrimonial site events, and Exclusive community meetings.
  • Secure online payments
  • Information is shared only with the user’s approval
  • Exclusive, Personalised, Smart, and Online plans are available making it easy for the user to pick a plan that rightly suits them

10. Site was started in the year 1998 providing matrimonial services partnering with other similar sites. Like the other sites, you just need to register and create your profile. Various plans are offered for extended services. The site also has other service providers like caterers, decorators, etc.

Some of the key features are:

  • A quick search gives you a glance at how things work
  • Well-secured online payment is provided
  • Partnered sites are available on the main page 

11. is another website managed by Bharat Matrimony. It is mainly for the Telugu people who are having a massive population in south India. is the first Telugu matrimonial website preferred by users. It has many search options available for different castes, and communities and has successfully provided perfect matches for thousand of Telugu people worldwide.

12. Not working) has similar features as that of the other matrimonial sites apart from one special feature called “Other matrimony Categories”. In this differently-abled, NRI, Manglik, and divorce users are featured. Registration is free and paid premium membership is available for extended services. It is a good matrimonial site in India.

Some of the key features are:

  • It caters to people looking for second chances
  • Their customer care service helps with queries and finding matches
  • All in one portal

13. (Not Working) is an absolutely free matrimonial site in India providing matrimonial services for people from all regions of India. It was started in the year 2002 and caters to people of all communities, professions, religions, etc. 

Some of the key features are:

  • The toll-free number for queries and services
  • Assured privacy
  • Premium plans for those wanting advanced options

14. (Not working) is a leading matrimonial website in India and provides users with a wide range of search options from religion, caste, region, language, status, and many things to select. It also has a good network of outlets across India for offline services and its management provides expected support to subscribers online at no cost.

Simply marry is the online matrimonial venture of the Times of India Group. It is one of the best matrimonial sites in India. It is being used by thousands of people in India and is one of the top matrimonial sites. There are 3 premium paid packages: Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. All you have to do is register, create your profile, and upload up to 15 photos. You can also attach your astrological details. 

Some of the key features are:

  • They give assurance of privacy and security
  • They provide Security for online payments
  • 24-hour customer care service is available
  • Advanced technology is used to prevent people from misusing the service


I hope you liked the list of the best matrimonial sites in India. We might have missed some good matrimonial sites. If you want any other best matrimonial sites in India added to the list, please let us know in the comment section. You can also provide feedback about the listed matrimonial websites in India if you have any experience with them. It will be useful for others.

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