5 Best Mixer Grinders under 1500 Rs. In India

Best Mixer Grinders under 1500:- Mixer grinders have become one of the essential kitchen appliances these days in India. There are many brands out there who offer various types of mixer grinders at different price points.

There are very good and quality mixer grinders available for the price below 3000 rupees. But there are even some good and cheap mixer grinders available in India with a cost below 1500 rupees as well.

These are very affordable and basic mixer grinders and buying one of these would be of great help if you are on a tight budget and wants a simple mixer grinder for your kitchen.

We have come up with a list of 5 best mixer grinders under 1500 rupees to help you out with the selection process.

Go through the list and choose one accordingly.

Best Mixer Grinders under 1500

1. Lifelong Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars


The product is one of the popular mixer grinders. It is available at a nominal price. It has 500-watt powerful motor and comes with three stainless steel jars.

Available in White and Grey colours. Three jars can be used for different purposes like wet and dry grinding, liquidizing and chutney making.

It also has got three-speed controls like high-end models. This has got a motor overload protector feature which helps to safeguard the motor of the mixer grinder during a power surge that may occur during fluctuation.

The vacuum feet of this mixer grinder helps in easy operation. The mixer grinder allows easier cooking as there are multi-functional blades to give you the most consistent chutneys and masalas.

The Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Turbo mixer grinder is a solid, durable kitchen appliance for your everyday kitchen use. This is definitely the best mixer grinder one could get for a price below 1500 rupees.

2. Singer Jiffy 500-Watt White Mixer Grinder


This is another good quality and popular mixer grinder, which is available at a reasonable price. This mixer grinder from the Singer brand also has 500-watt motor capacity.

It has three-speed control and overload protector option for safety with anti-slip feet. The outer body is made of shockproof ABS plastic body.

Stainless steel nickel plated blades help to grind off all items. Special vacuum anti-slip feet to keep the Mixer Grinder in its place while using it.

It has got most of the features expected out of mixer grinder at a nominal price. This stylish mixer grinder is definitely worth each penny spent on it.

3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Gusto


Pigeon is one of the popular brands and offers most of the kitchen appliances in India.

This Gusto 550-Watt Mixer Grinder from Pigeon is one of the most affordable mixer grinders from this brand. Here are other best mixer grinder brands in India.

It comes with a 550-watt powerful motor and comes three stainless steel jars. The mixer grinder is available in a bright white colour with blue lines and looks great.

Blades are made of stainless steel and greatly helps in mixing and grinding of most of the items.

Out of 3 jars, one jar is of 1.25-litre capacity which can be used as a blender, the second jar is of 0.75 litres which can be used for dry grinding, and the third jar is for chutneys with 0.40 lite capacity.

The handle of jars is designed for better grip. One year warranty is provided on this device.

All in all, this is a very good branded basic mixer grinder which is available in an affordable price tag.

4. Signora Care Eco Plus


This 500-watt mixer grinder from Signora care comes with three stainless steel jars. The mixer grinder is available in White colour and looks very stylish.

The design is very compact and unique and occupies less storage space. Auto shut off feature is available for overload protection.

Lift and grind stainless steel blades ensure consistent grinding.3 years warranty on motor and one year warranty on the product is provided.

The bottom of the grinder has an anti-slip base, which uses vacuum suction to keep the grinder in place while it is in use. The outer body of this mixer grinder is made of ABS shockproof body.

Three-speed settings, along with pulse button, are available for easy operation. This can work well for wet grinding as well, and at this price range for all the features it comes with, this is worth buying.

5. BMS 550-Watt Mixer Grinder


This is last in our list of cheap mixer grinders with price below 1500 rupees and comes with a 550-watt powerful motor. It is provided with three stainless steel jars.

Most of the other options like overload protection, multi-function blade system and three-speed controls are available with this mixer grinder as well.

One year warranty period is provided on the product, and you can reach customer support at support@bmslifestyle.com.

It makes a lot of noise which is the main problem in most of the low-cost mixer grinders. This is a decent mixer grinder available at a reasonable price. But If I want to pick one, then I would go with one of the first four models presented here than this one.


The list is picked by keeping the brand name, basic features and popularity online. Hope the list of cheap and best mixer grinders under 1500 rupees helped you to pick an affordable one for your kitchen. Happy Mixing & Grinding!!!

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