10 Best Body Massagers in India 2021 (Vibration)

Body massagers in India:- Having painkiller medicine to get relief from pain is no going to be good for the body. I am telling you a full-time solution to this problem. This will go with a one-time investment to buy one of the best body massager machines in India. These body massagers are commonly recommended by doctors.

These electric body massagers are among the best picks for handheld body massagers. Essentially, these gadgets produce heat and vibration which helps in regulating blood flow and releases the tension caused in muscles.

Relaxing your body with these gadgets will stimulate muscle growth and consoles proper respiration through the blood. Use these Body massagers after exercising in the gym. This will relax your muscles and you will feel any muscle cramps.

Reading through the list top of 10 Best Body Massager in India. You can easily choose an ideal body massager for you.

Important Note

  • Each product has own specification and price, so read this list to the last product and then choose the best body massager which suits your budget.

Best Body Massager in India

1. Dr Physio

Best full Body Massager machine In india

Dr physio is one of the most trusted brands in the category of best body massagers in India. Products of this brand are highly rated with great user reviews. One of the best products of this brand is Dr. Physio Active Hammer Electric Body Massager with Vibration. This handheld full body massager is available at a very affordable rate of nearly 1400 rupees. 

Relax your full body as the product can be used for massaging the neck, back, and foot. Simply turn it on, and this Infrared heat Body Massager will treat you all the way. 

So get ready to enjoy this infrared light therapy for curing to your skin problems, injuries, muscle pain, joint pain, and spinal pain. Further, it will leave you feeling relaxed and restored by relieving your painful muscles. In brief, this product is very effective and the best suitable choice for massing your full body. 


  1. Warranty:-You will enjoy using the product. It will relieve you from all the Tiredness caused by heavy workout or exercise.
  2. Easy to Use:- The product can be comfortably handled. The products will never slip out from your hand because it features a strong grip with a rubber hold.
  3. Full Relief:- You will enjoy using the product. It will relieve you from all the Tiredness caused by heavy workout or exercise. The product renders a deep tissue body massage that relieves built-up muscle tension and pain. Moreover, it helps in improving the blood circulation system
  4. Digital Display:- This superbly designed product features an intelligent digital display to control the functionality of this device.
    • (+)/ (-) Buttons:- To Increase or decrease the pressure intensity.
    • Power Button:- For switching on and off
    • Switch mode:- This mode is used to switch the massage mode.
  5. Handheld:- You will definitely like this unique design model. Carrying this product is very easy and we can keep this product as our travel companion.

Good about this product

  • Full Body Massage
  • 6-month warranty
  • Great performance
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Handheld
  • Digital Display


UsageFull Body Massager (Hammer, Tapping)
Power sourceElectricity
Massager MethodVibratory
Voltage230V and frequency – 50Hz

2. Lifelong

Lifelong Full Body Massager

You are going to admire this light and handy product for massing your full body. This product from the brand β€œLifelong” is well known for its superior performance, elegant design, and excellent built quality.

With the help of this product, we can relax in no time. Moreover, we can easily restore our endurance. It is designed to improve blood circulation for better health and to relieve you from pain in muscles. The wire along the product is long enough to reach every part of the body.

It is very easy to start this product, we just need to plug it into an electric socket. After this, you can gently apply this product to your body parts.

The product produces heat by vibrating on your body which helps in relieving pain and soreness of muscles. Apart from that, it also helps in burning excessive fats of your body while removing your tiredness.

Though it is small, so it is highly portable, we can easily carry this into our bags. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal choice for budget-conscious people, as the product is available at an affordable rate of just 900 rupees.

In brief, this full-body massager from lifelong is an ultimate product for increasing inner body strength and improves blood circulation.


  1. The product has the following Massage Heads:-
    • Scraping massage head: This will help in removing old and dead skin layers of your body.
    • Ball massage head: With a ballpoint massager, we can reach specific points for deeper relaxation.
    • Wavy massage head: Provides you a deep tissue massage which improves our blood circulation.
    • Frosting massage head: Using this will helps in peeling off your dead skin and removes callus from dry feet.
  2. Portable:- You can take this product with you while touring or traveling. It is very handy and easy to carry because of its lightweight and small size.

Good about this Product

  • 3 changeable massage heads
  • Soothes and relaxes aching in muscles
  • Handy and Portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Burns fats
  • Unique design
  • Spa-like experience
  • Nice performance


TypeFull Body (Manipol)
Power Required (Volts)25W
Massager MethodVibration
ColorWhite and Brown

3. Hesley


Relieve yourself from pain and aching in muscles from Hesley’s electric full body massager. This powerful electric massager is having a solid body of high-quality ABS plastic. Being a hard ABS plastic model, it’s standard weight is 1.18 kg.

Useful in speedy recovery of muscle pain or swallowing caused by any injury. It serves the feature of relaxing the body while restoring your endurance and energy. 

The product can be used in massaging the full body whether it is neck or back and feet or shoulder pain. Thus, this product is all in one solution to release our fatigue which happens by the overload of work. 

There are three different types of massage heads which serve different massaging experiences in relaxing your muscles.

It’s one Point Head & Round-Ball Head will help you in doing a shiatsu massage. Moreover, its round ball head renders a deep tissue massage which improves the blood circulation and cures our muscles stiffness. 


  1. Easy to Use:- This awesome product is very easy to use. A user can effortlessly start massaging your body with its automatic mode and vibration controlling systems.
  2. Stylish Design:- The team has engineered this Ergonomic Design with advanced means of technology and comes up with this fab quality Product. Its stylish and elegant looks emphasize a user to buy this product.
  3. Lightweight:- Unlike most the body massagers ruins our experience with their heavyweight model. Thereby, we suffer from hand pain while using the product. Going with this product will provide you a grand experience of massaging your body. This lightweight model is easy to use that can be comfortably lifted up by one hand.
  4. Easy Reach:- This versatile model comes with a Long Ergonomic handle. Its long reach helps us to easily access this model to all body parts such as neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet.
  5. Multiple Applications:- The product comes with multiple massage extensions. These body extensions help us in treating different pain areas.

Good about this product

  • Reasonable price i.e Rs 1000
  • Full body massager
  • Lightweight and handheld massager
  • Dual-purpose relief pain and fat burn
  • Have a firmly gripped Long handle
  • 3 changeable massage heads
  • Hard ABS plastic body


MaterialHard ABS plastic
Head3 massaging Heads
Weight1.18 kg

4. JSB Body Massager

JSB Body Massager

Another one of the best and powerful body massagers is the JSB HF138. This Compact and Powerful Body Massager Can be used for three different massages i.e back massage, neck massage, and foot massage. It’s recommended to use the product to relieve your body from aching and pain in muscles.

The model is a little heavy, its actual weight is around 1.5 kgs. Considering its weight, which feels a bit heavy for an old person. The product becomes an ideal choice for a strong person who indulges in heavy workouts or gym activities. 

Purposely the product is built for providing a strong vibratory massage, and for people with severe muscular pains. Thus, if you are one who likes to have a strong message, then this model will be the best pick for you.

This heavy-duty massager is a perfect solution for relieving your body and refreshing your mode. The product has been reviewed in good numbers with positive results. Its rating is pretty good, almost 4.2 stars.

All in all, this heavy-duty motor is one of the ideal choices. A user should add this product to the cart because this product has many helping features.


  1. Massage time:- It will be better to use this model for just 15 to 20 min for massaging your body. This will work fine which will increase product durability and ensures its long time usage.
  2. Simple Function:- The model is quite easy-going. Its simple functionality makes it easy to get started with the productThere are two working options. The first one is a power switch, and the other is a sliding switch to increase or decrease the strength of vibration.
  3. Bit heavy:- This is a heavy-duty motor of approx 1.5 kg in weight. It is an ideal product for the one who indulges in heavy workouts.


Weight1.5 kgs
Power consumption28 watts

5. HealthSense Massager


The HealthSense Magic-Vibe Handheld Body Massager is another common name for the best body massager in India. Get treated with your pains and aches existing on your body with this personal handheld body massager.

A powerful motor made of pure copper wire that increases the efficiency of the machine and maintains an optimal level of heat during massaging. The perfect combo of technology and innovation whereby the productserves the dual purpose of pain relief and weight loss.

The product uses infra-red technology to heat up. So a user can target excessive fat to burn easily with this infra-red technology. This infra-red technology heats up the body causes a lot of sweat resulting in burns of excessive fat.

It is a very light and handy model and we can carry this product in a bag. The product is made of premium quality ABS plastic and TPR material for strength.

Saying in a few words, it is very convenient to use this Cordless Rechargeable Handheld Personal Body Massager to massage your entire body


  1. Durable:- The product is made up of superior quality of ABS plastic. Moreover, it has an inner powerful working motor made from pure copper wire that makes the product highly durable. The estimated working life of the motor is up to 2000 hours.
  2. Easy Reach:- With the help of this versatile L-shaped design, we can easily reach out to the difficult areas of the body like the shoulders, back, thighs as well as the calves.
  3. Covering:- Soft mesh cover above the product prevents our hair from getting tangled in it. Thus, all this help us in comfortably and easily massaging our body.

Good about this Product

  • Easy to use
  • High reach
  • Premium quality
  • Have multiple massage head
  • Vibrating and heating up
  • Perfect for muscle relaxation
  • Powerful Motor


Weight800 grams
Power SourceElectricity (Direct Current)
Power consumption28 watts

6. Panasonic

Best Body Massagers Panasonic

Another added to the list of best body massagers in India. It is an electric body massager from Panasonic. With this nice product, you can enjoy massaging with three kinds of vibration heads.

As the product has three different massaging surfaces that are massage rollers, point massager, and wide surface.

The model is made from sturdy plastic with a long tale body. Its long tale allows us to easily massage any part of your body.

Refresh yourself and remove your fatigue caused by a hectic schedule by using this body massager. This massager will surely aid you in refreshing by relieving your stiffness and soreness. This product will make you feel as cool as cucumber.

Comparing with other products, this product is a little costlier but being a branded product it comes with 24 months warranty.

The product is very advance and renders all the required features. Moreover, the product does not consume more electricity like others, only 2 watts or 3 watts is enough for a full body massage.


  1. Easy Reach:- The model is a little arched and has an elbow-shaped design which makes it easy to reach any part of the body. Thus, you can comfortably massage your body without the need of any partner.
  2. Warranty:- This branded full body massager comes with a 2 Years Warranty and with free transit insurance.
  3. Vibration:- There are two modes of massaging your body. The first one is for a gentle massage where the product vibrates for 5000 times per minute. In case of severe pain or aching in your muscles, you can switch the product to a strong massage mode where the product vibrates for 6000 times per minute.
  4. Full Body Massage:- As the product comes up with three different types of surfaces. Thus, this body massager is fully efficient in thoroughly massaging your body and helps in relaxing stressed muscles.
  5. Portable:- This handheld body massage is of very lightweight just 1.1 Kg in weight. Thus, the product is extremely portable and easy to carry wherever you go. So, you can relax your body wherever you feel the need to do so.

Good about this product

  • Easy to reach all spots
  • Powerful
  • Energy Efficiently
  • Relax full body
  • Branded product
  • 3 massage surfaces
  • Different massage modes


TypeFull Body (Hammer, Tapping)
Power Consumption3W
Power Required (Volts)110 – 240 V
Massager MethodVibratory
ColorWhite and Black

Amazing Fact of Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Using the above remarkable products, you are completing a manual pressure therapy called Shiatsu Massage Therapy. Shiatsu Massage Therapy is an attempt to relieve tension and pain in muscles. During this process, manual pressure is applied to specific points of the body.

The user gets this massage to reduce muscle tension and fatigue. Moreover, it helps in improving the blood circulation of our body as well as increasing the functionality of the lymphatic system.


Wrapping up the list of best body massagers in India. These products are extremely important for those who indulge in heavy workouts. Moreover, A regular person should use this product in routine. All these products are among the best body massagers in India.

The products enlisted above has gained satisfying remarks and rating. I request you to provide your remarks on the list and give your feedback in preparing the content in a more effective way.

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