Top 10 Best Ice Creams Brands in India (2023)

Ice Creams Brands in India:- It becomes tough to tolerate hot summer. There are many ways to enjoy the summer at the best level. One of them is to eat Frozen Ice Creams.

Ice Cream is the most famous delicacy all over the world. People of all ages love ice cream and frequently enjoy it.

This summer, you can chill out with some delicious scoop of your favourite flavour of ice cream. You can enjoy your favourite slice or flavour buying the best ice cream through online stores.

Do you Know

Minerals like calcium and phosphorus are found in ice cream. Calcium is an essential mineral for us as it maintains strong bones and reduces the chances of kidney stones. Ice creams are a good source for vitamin K helps to reduce blood clotting in our bodies.

This article is all about the top 10 best Ice Creams Brands in India. These are listed as per the taste and preferences of the consumer.

All the reviews available online are taken in view to organised this list.

Top Ice Creams Brands in India

1. Amul Ice-cream


The very first in the list of best Ice creams brands in India is Amul Ice creams. The company is one of the biggest producers of milk and milk products on the globe.

Anand Milk Union Limited, commonly known as AMUL, is the largest ice cream brand in India. Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative society, located at Anand District in the state of Gujarat, India. 

No doubt, Amul is the leading ice-cream brand in India. It has a robust network in the Indian market.

Amul is the first choice for any ice-cream. The main advantages it has over the other is Brand-trust and loyalty.

Amul ice cream is a milk-based ice-cream as compared to other frozen desserts offered in the market. The brand delivers a wide variety of choices in ice cream.

Amul products include milk, milk powder, cheese, ghee, butter, buttermilk, shrikhand, paneer, etc. 

Did you know

On the nutritional side, ice cream is better milk. It has around 12% fat that’s twice of fat in total cream.

Ice creams have all vitamins and proteins which regular milk contains. Ice-cream is further fortified from vitamins and other nutrients because of the addition of fruits or nuts in

2. Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream

Another one of the famous Ice creams brands in India is Baskin Robbins. They entered India in 1993 through a joint venture with the Ghai Group.

The company claims to have the world’s largest ice cream chain with around 7000 store locations worldwide. Baskin-Robbins sells ice cream in nearly 50 countries.

Baskin-Robbins is an American company. Its parent company is Dunkin’ Brands.

Robbins and Baskin considered that individuals should be able to sample flavours at no cost until they found one they wanted to buy.

The business has introduced more than 1,300 tastes since 1945, including the 2019 addition of vegan and non-dairy flavours.

The brand is known for integrating feelings and providing healthy products.

The company offers purely vegetarian ice cream. All the ice cream products are made by utilizing pure cow milk.

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3. Mother Dairy

Mother-Dairy Ice cream

Another common name in the list of best Ice creams brands in India is Mother diary. The Company began its operation in 1974.

It was an initiative under Operation Flood, the world’s most extensive dairy development program started to make India a milk sufficient state.

Through time, Mother Dairy has contributed significantly in attaining this objective through a series of applications and Innovations.

Since the last few years, the business has expanded and diversified in their goods. It is currently selling products like food oil, vegetables, fruits, and other edibles throughout their outlets and stores.

Mother Dairy is the subsidiary company of the National Dairy Development Board, often abbreviated as NDDB.

The business is known for its extensive range of milk and milk products and is one of India’s most popular brands.

The Company delivers a wide array of Ice creams from popular flavours such as Chocolate and Vanilla to their Indian counterparts such as Elaichi, etc..

The Company over the last few years has created a market NCR through a strong network of its booth and retail channels.

Additionally, it has expanded its reach to other regions in North, South East and West. With its offering of Milk and Milk products, pegging is among the few companies to have such a massive distribution channel in India.

4. Kwality Walls

Kwality-Walls Top Ice Cream Brand

Added one more to the queue of best Ice Creams Brands in India. Kwality walls ice creams are adored by all age groups, whether a child or a teenager.

The products do not contain any harmful chemicals. Its texture and flavour are yummy. The company has provided a few strict nutritional guidelines to make sure that they contain no more than:

  • 110kcal per portion
  • 3g saturated fat per share (1.5g saturated fat if ≤60 kcal)
  • 20g added sugar per 100g or 12 g total sugars per portion

Kwality, the first Indian company, was founded in 1956 was the first in the region to import machines for mass production. Kwality Wall’s is a company of Hindustan Unilever.

The company is created through the amalgamation of two separate entities that Unilever took over: Kwality of India and Wall’s of Great Britain.

Wall’s ice creams are marketed in over 50 different countries around the globe. Kwality Wall’s frozen desserts don’t include milk products, but vegetable fat/oil, and subsequently can’t be named as” ice creams.”

The company has able to win public loyalty due to the high standard of its products. Some of the popular ones are Cornetto, Cassata, and Sandwich, and are enjoyed by both kids and adults.

5. Cream Bell

Cream-Bell Best Ice Cream

Cream bell has a strong team of R&D that constantly works on new product development and improvement on existing products.

The quality compliance ensures that all ingredients to ice cream and packaging undergo a rigorous quality check before production.

It is one of the top Ice creams brands in India. The entire manufactures process also ensure that ice cream is untouched by during its entire manufacturing till it reaches hands of consumers

6. Vadilal

Vadilal Ice Cream

One more listed among the best Ice creams brands in India is Vadilal Corporation.

It is a renowned company in the Indian subcontinent for its delicious flavoured Ice creams and frozen desserts. Major milk and dairy product suppliers in India.

Started operation with a simple hand-cranked machine. In 1997 Vadilal was converted from the private limited company into public limited.

Vadilal includes 200 differing types of candies, cones, cups, party and family packs, and bulk packs. Today the company exports around 175 products all over the globe.

Vadilal group aims to spread happiness with its enormous sort of desserts at pocket-friendly rates. The company has one of the largest cold chain networks in the country.

Their rich and creamy flavoured milk is an instant energy boost to all age-group

7. Haagen-Dazs

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Brand

Haagen-Dazs is one of the famous ice cream brands in India. The company began its operation in 1961.

It’s a well-known company that has a strong position in the ice cream market and is expanding all over the world.

Häagen-Dazs ice cream is made from the purest and finest ingredients in the world. Discover a wide range of robust flavours, made with only the high-quality ingredients.

The company has sought to innovate and bring new flavours ice cream to its customer by providing excellent quality dessert eating experience.

Häagen-Dazs ice cream comes in many traditional flavours, including several esoteric characters that are particular to the brand, including Vanilla Swiss Almond and Bananas Foster.

It is advertised as a”super-premium” brand. The products are sold both in grocery shops and in committed retail outlets serving ice cream cones, sundaes, and so on.

8. Dinshaw

Dinshaw Ice Creams

Dinshaws ice cream was born in 1933 when Nagpurians came to know the creamy, hand-churned delicacy. It began as a dairy company in Gittikhadan, Nagpur.

Their passion for expanding the business caused the birth of “Dinshaw’s Ice- cream”. When opportunity knocked, then the company struggle manufacturing frozen dessert.

Today the brand becomes the number one ice-cream brand in India with a zeal for quality, taste, and trust.

An alien concept ice cream casting was considered a luxury, which could only be indulged in, on exceptional days. Dinshaw’s ice-creams are available all over India.

Their dairy products are distributed in Central India. The stores provide an extensive range of ice-creams from Dinshaw’s with classic flavours like Vanilla and Chocolate.

9. Hangyo

Hangyo Best Ice Cream

Hangyo is the best Ice cream brand in India. The company is leading manufactures and Milk Products in Karnataka.

It is a famous brand of frozen dessert available across various parts of India. The brand made by an eponymous subsidiary of Karnataka based dairy products, also known as SMMP (Srikrishna Milk & Milk Products).

Hangyo first started as a tiny unit in the Yellapur district of Karnataka and has consistently expanded its operations all across the state ever since.

Fantastic milk quality including distinct flavours is now a famous brand of ice cream in Karnataka.

10. Havmor

Havmor Sweet Ice Creams

The company’s head office is situated in Ahmadabad, Gujrat.

This western ice cream brand owns 35% market share in Gujarat, with a rapidly growing presence in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh.

Today it has around 100 franchised stores, more than 25,000 dealers across the four-state, and has a customer base in lakhs.

Havmor’s beginnings have gone through hurdles but gradually the company has built a strong grip in the ice cream market.

It was founded by Mr Satish Chona in 1944 in Karachi. Today the brand is one of the most popular ice cream brands in Ahmadabad city.

During the wake of the partition in 1947, the brand has to dispose of its assets. The situation was so worse that the company has left with virtually no moveable asset. After that, the corporate settle down in Ahmedabad.

From then to now, the company has grown huge in all the aspects of whether serving good quality desserts or earning a huge profit margin. Thus, the company slowly and steadily grew into a serious ice cream business.

The company has also been acknowledged as one of the ‘Power Brands of India’ by Rising Stars, 2012-13, and has been one of the fastest-growing companies in India.


This was the list of the Best Ice Cream brands in India. Comment down your personal favourite Ice Cream.

Also, tell me if any brands have been skipped to be queued. Feed your reviews so that I can provide your more valuable content.

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