Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies at Hyderabad (2023)

Pharmaceutical Companies at Hyderabad:- Due to the large population density in India, the Health sector of India has always survived in harsh times.

In view of all this, the country requires some big pharma companies in India.

Pharma companies in India are growing rapidly. India has an important contribution to the pharma sector. The country is one of the largest providers of generic drugs in the world.

As per the last recent report, about 80 percent of the antiretroviral drugs used globally to fight AIDS are supplied by Indian pharma companies.

Hyderabad city of India holds a monopoly market in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The city ranks first in the manufacturing of bulk drugs.

Pharma companies in Hyderabad produce the most amounts of therapeutic drugs. It accounts for 40 percent of the total Indian bulk drug.

Nearly, 50 percent of the bulk drug is exported to foreign countries which includes the UK and the US. Thus, the city is recognized as the ‘Bulk Drug Capital of India’.

The article is all about the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies at Hyderabad. I have analyzed these companies and prepared a list of the Best Pharmaceutical Companies in Hyderabad.

During my analysis, I have classified them in an order of Best pharma companies by sale and volume.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies at Hyderabad

1. Aurobindo Pharma


One of the best pharma companies in India that has a successful history of more than 30 years. The company is among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in India.

Since its inception, the company has been developing consistently in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is one of the top 2 pharma companies at Hyderabad by both market capitalization and sales.

The corporation was founded by PV Ramprasad Reddy Mr. K Nityananda Reddy and a small group of highly committed professionals.

The business merged into a publicly-traded company in 1992. The shares of the company got listed on the Indian stock exchanges in 1995. The company is a market leader in Semi-Synthetic Penicillins.

They have a presence in key therapeutic segments such as neurosciences (CNS), cardiovascular (CVS), anti-retroviral, anti-diabetics, gastroenterology, and Anti-biotics

It started operations in 1988 with the synthesis of semi-synthetic penicillin at Pondicherry. The company manufactures and sells more than 300 products in over 150 countries.

The company has a presence in many overseas countries such as Hong Kong, Moscow, and Nigeria. The number of employees employed by the company is more than 19000 in numbers.

Therapeutic Areas Served by the Company: –

  • Antibiotic central nervous system products
  • Anti-allergic and Anti-Retroviral
  • Semi-Synthetic Penicillin’s
  • Gastroenterol Logical
  • Cardiovascular (CVS)
  • Anti-diabetics


Revenue:13,650 crores INR (2017, US$2.0 billion)
Subsidiaries:Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc.
Founders:P. V. Ramprasad Reddy, K. Nityananda Reddy
Number of employees19000+

2. Dr Reddys

Dr Reddy Pharma Company Hyderabad

Another leading company in the list of top 10 pharmaceutical companies at Hyderabad is Dr. Reddy. The company has always been a pioneer in manufacturing therapeutic drugs.

Established in 1984 and completed more than 25 years catering to Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals.

The company manufactures and markets a wide range of pharma products in India and across the globe. 

Their portfolio of products includes more than 190 medications, 60 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for drug manufacture, diagnostic kits, critical care, and biotechnology products.

Dr. Anji Reddy was the founder of the company. Formerly he served as a mentor in an institute of Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited, of Hyderabad, India.

In today’s time, they actively contribute to the pharma sector. The company manufactures pharmaceutical drugs in various dosage forms such as Oral, Solid Dosage, Liquids, Injections, Ointments, and creams.

These products are supplied to patients through OTC (Over the counter) in various big countries. Mainly, the company provides its services in Europe, the US, Russia, and India.

Also, the company has started exporting its products to other less-regulated foreign markets.

The company tries to provide affordable and quality medicines. And also targets the unmet needs of the patients. They ensure all-time on-the-shelf availability while delighting every customer.

More than 20000+ are working diligently to provide better health care solutions to the world. The company has 11 formulation facilities worldwide which produce 34 million tablets every day.

Products are verified by the expert technician as per the PPR like weight, thickness, etc.

Some samples are sent to quality control to ensure whether the prescribed chemical analysis is performed or not.

Products supplied under Various Brands

Products manufactured by the company are available under many brand names. The brand under which the company serves its products are as follow: –

  • Omez (Omeprazole), 
  • Nise (Nimesulide),
  • Ketorol (Ketorolac Tromethamine),
  • Stamlo (Amlodipine Besylate),
  • Razo (Rabeprazole)


FoundersAnji Reddy
HeadquartersHyderabad, Telangana, India
Area servedWorldwide
CEOG. V. Prasad 
RevenueIncrease ₹14,203 crores (US$2.0 billion) (FY 2017-2018)
Number of employees21,966 (March 2019)

3. Natco Pharma

Natco Pharma Company

Natco is founded upon strong principles and engaged in the making of critical therapeutic drugs. They manufacture and market affordable medicines.

The company complies with global standards to achieve market leadership in domestic as well as international markets.

Began its modest journey as a separate legate entity with just 20 employees. Today, the corporate holds seven manufacturing facilities spread across the country.

The incorporation of Natco Pharma took place in 1981 with an initial investment of INR 3.3 million.

With more than 5000 employees in the Natco family are working hard to serve better healthcare solutions.

In this decade the company has managed its ranking among the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India. The company is one of the best pharmaceuticals at Hyderabad.

They are well recognized for their innovation in therapeutic medicines. Primarily, they manufacture and market finished dosage formulations (“FDF”) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”).

Manufactured products are supplied all across the country. Also, the products are distributed in over 40 countries.

The company sells FDF products in various big countries such as the United States, India, and Europe.

They are also engaged in contract manufacturing business whereby agree to manufacture and supply pharmaceutical products.

Moreover, the company has diversified into the business of crop health sciences to leverage its skills in organic chemistry.


Headquarters:Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Founder:V C Nannapaneni
Subsidiaries:Natco Pharma (Canada) Inc, Timecap Overseas Ltd.
Natco Organics Limited
Number of emplyees5000+

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4. Biological E Ltd


Biological E Ltd is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Initially, Dr VK Raju who was the founder of the company led the team to the path of success.

In the present reins to run the company is with Mahima Datla managing director of the company.

The company was established in 1953, at that time India was going “Swadeshi Movement”.

In that difficult time when the nation was in need of critical healthcare products, the company served the nation by providing its healthcare services.

The company manufactures biological products like liver extracts and anti-coagulants.

In 1962, it launched its Biotechnology Division and begins with large-scale production of DPT vaccines.

The company continues to evolve as an organization. In present time, it has four strategic business units: Branded Formulations, Specialty Generic Injectables, Synthetic Biology, and Vaccines and Biologics.

The company was the first private limited company to manufacture biological products in India.

Heparin that prevents the formation of blood clots was first launched in India by this company.

Highlights of the Company

  • First Indian private sector company to enter the vaccines business
  • The first Indian company to launch Heparin injection in India
  • In 2019, they started selling their products in the USA
  • Launched the first US generic product (Measles & Rubella) launch in 2019


TypePrivate limited
FounderDatla Venkata Krishnam Raju
HeadquartersHyderabad, Telangana, India
Key peopleMahima Datla (Managing Director)
Number of employees2500+


Best Pharma Company in Hyderabad

Adding another name to the list of top pharmaceutical companies at Hyderabad is HETERO Pharma Limited.

Hetero is one of India’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies and the world’s largest producer of anti-retroviral drugs for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Backed by over 25 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, Hetero’s strategic business areas spread across APIs, Generics, Biosimilars, Custom Pharmaceutical Services, and Branded Generics.

The company is globally recognized for its strengths in Research and Development, manufacturing and commercialization of a wide range of products.

The company has 36 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities all across the world.

All these units are audited and approved by stringent regulatory authorities like the US FDA, EU, TGA-Australia, MCC-South Africa, and others. They have around 300 plus products in their portfolio. 

Therapeutic area served by the company

  • HIV/AIDS and Oncology, 
  • Cardiovascular and Neurology, 
  • Hepatitis, 
  • Nephrology, 
  • Urology and Diabetes, 
  • Ophthalmology, 
  • Hepatology and Immunology etc.

They have a global presence providing their services in over 126 countries. Primarily, the company is accessing to patients worldwide by making affordable medicines.


TypePublic (Government of India)
FounderDr. B.P.S. Reddy
HeadquartersHyderabad, India
Key peopleDr BPS Reddy
Number of employeesOver 21,000

6. Granules India Limited

Best pharmaceutical company in Hyderabad

Granules India Limited is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company based in Hyderabad, India.

Way back in 1984, the company began its operation in this industry. They entered the CRAMS segment, which focuses on contract research and manufacturing.

In the beginning, they started with manufacturing paracetamol (APIs). Over time, Granules expanded its portfolio by adding Ibuprofen, Guaifenesin, Metformin, and methocarbamol.

Today the company is engaged in constant delivery of (APIs), Pharmaceutical Formulation Intermediates (PFS), and Finished Dosage.

The operation efficiency in the production of products is driven by process innovation. A well-experienced team is assisting in the production of quality medicines.

With a strong core and foundation, the company is levering its strength to enter into new areas to propel growth.

The research and development team of over 100 scientists works on pipeline design to cater to products of varying complexities.

The company is engaged in a B2C business, cutting the mid-chain supply of products. Thus, leading to low-cost and affordable prices of products.

The company is distributing products to more than 300 customers across 75 countries. Humanity is the main religion of the company.

They are focusing on providing safe, effective, and affordable medicines to the people who need them.

In 2013, Granules India took over Auctus Pharma for Rs 120 crore, and in 2014, they acquired a few API facilities.

Today the company owns seven manufacturing facilities; six are in India while the seventh is in Wuhan, China.

These facilities are governed by the most stringent internal quality prerequisites. With approval from the US FDA, EDQM, MHRA, TGA, COFEBRIS, and IRFARMED.

FounderMr. Krishna Prasad Chigurupati
HeadquartersHyderabad, India
Area servedWorldwide
ProductsParacetamol, Ibuprofen, Methocarbamol,
Metformin, Guaifenesin,
Revenue2,279 Crore (2018-19)
Number of employees2789

7. SUVEN Life Sciences Lmt

SUVEN Life Sciences Pharma Lmt

Suven Life Sciences Ltd. is a Pvt limited company.  Began its journey in as a pharmaceutical company in 1989. Got converted into a Public Limited Company in January 1995.

The company has its currently listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). Mr R S Prasad, as Founder and Managing Director, leads the company.

The company has the capability to undertake Product Development for New Chemical Entities, Generic Products, and Nutraceutical Products. Levering science to provide world-class solutions in manufacturing quality products. 

Today, the company is among the leading pharmaceutical companies at Hyderabad focused on treatments of unmet medical needs in Mental Health.

Working diligently in search of new CNS therapies. Their State-of-the-art R&D is recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Suven Neurosciences is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suven Life Sciences Limited.

The company is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, development, and commercialization of novel therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.

Type:Pvt Limited Company
Founder:Mr R S Prasad
Headquarters:Hyderabad, India
Subsidiaries:Suven Pharmaceuticals,
Parent organization:Jasti Family Trust

8. ZENARA Pharma

ZENERA Pharma Limited

Zenara Pharma is a biosphere company. It is classified as a Non-govt company got incorporated on 18 March 2004. The ROC(Registrar of Companies) office is situated in Hyderabad.

The state of the art integrates innovative manufacturing capabilities to bring out a more competitive health solution.

Its authorized share capital is Rs. 500 crores and its paid-up capital is approx Rs. 482 crores.

The Company provides opportunities for licensing, contract manufacturing, and pharmaceutical regulatory services in the European Union, the United States, Japan, and India.

They are among the leading producers of pharma products in Hyderabad. Globally recognized for providing advanced solutions in the health sector.

The company eventually grew a lot and today it has a strong team of professionals.

9. SMS Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Pharma companies at hyderabad

SMS Pharmaceuticals Ltd is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Hyderabad, India. A global player in API manufacturing with world-class facilities.

The wide wide range of products includes the production of anti-ulcer, anti-fungal, anti-migraine, anti-hypertensive, and other API products.

Began its journey in the pharma sector in the year 1987. This Small Cap company has a market cap of just 333 Crores.

Initially, the company originated as a private limited company. In the first stage of development the management struggle through the challenges in the market.

They had accumulated losses till 1990 when its promoter was Mr. Ramesh.

The company was started with just 20 employees as a single unit and single product Company in 1990. On November 2, 1994, the company was converted to Public Limited.

Today, SMS Pharmaceuticals is a big brand name in manufacturing active API products. The production processes adhere to cGMP and WHO Standards.

This single-product manufacturing company has proved its capabilities in bringing out better healthcare solutions.

They have four multi-product facilities in operation and two research centers.

The company has experienced a team of professionals and more than 1000 employees are working for the growth of the company.

Type:Public Company
Founder:Shri Ramesh Babu Potluri
Headquarters:Hyderabad, India
Employee:1,001-5,000 employees

10. Vista Pharmaceuticals

Vista Pharma in Hyderabad

Vista Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1992. The company is the first Indian Company to obtain USFDA Approvals to produce OTC as well as Prescription Drugs to the US Market in 1994.

They manufacture and distribute High-Quality Pharmaceutical Products. This pharmaceutical was incorporated by Dr. Dhananjaya Alli and his associate.

Currently, the company is focusing on establishing a 100% EOU to manufacture different drugs. The installed plant will produce 400 million tablets and 200 million capsules per annum.

The products manufactured by the company have been tested in several big laboratories like Warner-Lambert, Berlex Laboratories (Subsidiary of Schering AG, West Germany), Faraday Laboratories, and Vista Pharmaceuticals.


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