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South Hero Vijay:- A beautiful quote states that a woman’s loyalty to her partner is tested when he has nothing, and a man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything. As per the current situation, Vijay Thalapathy has everything from being the wealthiest to the fittest. With God’s grace, he has achieved everything which he had desired. All the glory couldn’t make him arrogant; besides, he is so humble that whoever meets him becomes his fan.

Vijay is a brave man; he raises his voice for the people against injustice, lying, and greed. One of the most courageous people in the film fraternity. He is merciless toward those who speak ill to innocent people. He has often shown his power by standing against the wrong policies of the system until they are altered and corrected.

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Facts about South Hero Vijay Thalapathy

Vijay Thalapathy Real Name


Vijay’s full name on the documents is Joseph Vijay. His father is a Christian, and his mother is a Hindu. Thus Vijay religion is both Hindu and Christian. Famous Tamil actor Vijay is fondly called the ‘Thalapathy’ (Commander) in Kollywood. He is one of the most Vanilla Actors in Tamil Cinema.

Worked as a Child Artist

Vijay Thalapathy Worked as Child Artist

The man who first got Vijay into the film business was his father, S.A Chandrasekhar. The actor started his journey as a child artist in 1984, long before he made his lead debut in ‘Naalaiya Theerpu’ in 1992. In fact, from 1984 to 1988, he was featured in over six films directed by his father. Thus, the actor had a solid foundation in acting before his debut as a lead.

Hardcore Fan of Rajinikanth

Vijay Thalapathy is Hardcore Fan of Rajinikanth

Vijay has often stated that if it weren’t for Rajinikanth, he would never have entered the Tamil industry. He is a big fan of Thalaivaa, and the veteran actor truly inspired him to become an actor. In fact, he landed his first lead role after quoting a famous line from Rajnikanth’s hit film ‘Annamalai’ in an audition.

Home Production Company – An Ode to His Sister

Vijay is very fond of his sister, Vidhya Chandrasekhar, who passed away at just two years of age. At that time, he was nine, and her death affected him deeply. He has done many humanitarian works in her memory. Even his production house – V-V Productions, stands for Vidhya-Vijay Productions.

It shows how much love he still has for his departed sibling. All his emotions make him remember a beautiful quote. It says that those we love never go faint in memory. There are things that death cannot touch.

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Bollywood Cameo

Although mostly restricted to Tamil, Vijay made a cameo in Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore. He appears at the movie’s end in the ‘Chinta Ta Ta’ song along with director Prabhudheva and shakes a leg with Akshay. Interestingly, Akshay Kumar then remade his movie ‘Thuppakki’ as ‘Holiday’ in Hindi.

Highest Engaged Twitter Post

Vijay thalapathy Twitter Post

South Hero Vijay is one of India’s most famous actors, as shown by his Twitter post engagement. One of his selfies posted with his fans shows his craze among the public. During a shooting spot in Neyveli, the actor posted the photo clicked with his fans, quoting, “Thank you Neyveli,” which led to the social media phenomenon.

The post has over 100k comments, more than 229k retweets and over 515k likes. According to Twitter India, Eclipse superstar Vijay’s selfie also bagged the top position as the most retweeted photo in 2020.

Actor Vijay’s tweet with the first look of the Beast movie poster was the most retweeted and liked Twitter post from the Indian film industry on Twitter in 2021. Also, his film Master was the most-tweeted hashtag-and-talked-about-movies of the year. According to Twitter stats for 2021, Vijay held the number one spot in popularity in India.

Controversy of Vijay Thalapathy

Vijay thalapathy Controversy With Cm Jayaram Jayalalitha

The actor is known for performing in movies concerning social and political issues. However, you will hardly find him interacting with media people. His cut-off from press meets and media interviews is a controversy attached to the Thalavia movie release.

The film had a tagline, “Time to Lead,” which offended the party in charge of the AIADMK party Shri. Jayaram Jayalalitha. Due to this, the party allegedly caused hindrance the film’s smooth release. As a result, the film hit the screens much later than the scheduled date in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry (ruling states of AIADMK), causing financial losses to the producer.

Famous in Kerala

Vijay has a massive crowd of loyal and devoted fans. He has received global recognition for his film acting and dance work. The popularity of the actor is increasing as the counting days. Perhaps, he is the only Non-Malayali actor with a widespread fan following and devotion in Kerala. Even superstars Mammootty and Mohanlal had delayed the release to avoid a clash with his movies.

Awards and Accolades Galore

South Hero Vijay has received several awards for his significant contribution to cinema and society, including three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards and Kalaimamani – one of the highest honours in the field of art. He got the Kalaimamani way back in 1998, just six years after entering the industry. He has an honorary doctorate from MGR University.

Superb Dancer

Vijay dancing still master

Vijay was a very ordinary dancer in College, but Now everyone admires his dance. Once, in an interview, Hrithik Roshan was asked about Vijay Dance; he replied that he liked his energy while dancing. He said I would love to learn what he eats before they dance.

Vijay (actor) movies

Vijay Thalapathy Film Career

Actor Vijay Thalapathy’s age is 47 years. He was born on 22 June 1974. He is one of the highest-paid actors in the Indian Film Industry. In his film career of 30 years, he has acted in 65 films as a lead actor and introduced nearly 20 directors to the Tamil Film Industry.

Beach House

Vijay Thalapathy Beach House

Vijay has a beautiful beach house in Neelangarai. The idea for this house clicked into his mind during one of his visits to the US. On the trip, he got to see Tom Cruise’s beach house. Being impressed with the design of the house, he took a picture of it and then got a similar one constructed for himself in India.

Honest taxpayer

Vijay has age on his side. He has been labelled an ‘honest taxpayer’ multiple times for multiple Income Tax raids on his premises. This radish failed to detect any tax evasion, and he wears his Tamil pride on his sleeves.

Vijay Wife and Children

Vijay thalapathy Family

Is thalapathy Vijay is married?

Vijay married Sangeetha Sornalingam, a Sri Lankan Tamil whom he met in the UK, on 25 August 1999. They have two children: a son, Jason Sanjay, born in London in 2000 and a daughter, Divya Shasha, born in 2005 in Chennai.

The name of Vijay’s son, ‘Sanjay,’ derives from the first three letters of his wife, ‘Sangeetha,’ and the last three of his name, ‘Vijay. He made a cameo appearance alongside his father in Vettaikaaran (2009), and Divya Shasha played a small role as his father’s pre-teen daughter in Theri (2016).

Service to Humanity

Vijay thalapathy Humanitarian Workd

Vijay is known for his humanitarian work, making him a favourite among the masses. He has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to the poor through charitable activities. His social welfare organisation Vijay Makkal Iyakkam performs social welfare activities. His supporters join in blood donation campaigns every year to help injured army officers and patients who need blood.

Favourite Movies

Vijay’s favourite south Indian film is Annamalai. The film has Rajnikanth as the lead hero and Khushboo as the heroine. He likes the film very much that he has watched it 27 times. His Favorite English movie was KickBoxer and Enter the Dragon.

Drunk and Driving

Vijay was once caught on a drunk and driving – though he was the only one who did not drink or drive. He then portrays the incident in his film Endrendrum Punnagai. After the incident, Srinath, Vijay, and two others were bailed from the Police Station in Vadapalani by SAC.

Vijay’s Phone Number

Vijays Phone Number

The actor loves spending time with family and some of his close friends. Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Jiiva are Vijay’s best friends, and only they have his contact number. Not anyone else has Vijay’s number in Industry. If anyone wants to contact Vijay, then he has to reach his manager to have any negotiation.

Vijay hates Abusive Persons

Vijay hates any bad-mouth word referring to his mother or sister like MC/BC because he loves his family very much. He got a few extras fired during the shooting of Bigil or Master in Delhi because they kept using MC and BC among themselves.

Tatkaal Passport

Vijay thalapathy Tatkaal Passport Incident

Vijay is the only celebrity who has had to wait 22 days for his Tatkaal Passport in the year 2018. Soundarya Ashwin got her new passport delivered at the Airport in exactly 1 Hour and 40 Minutes. Dhanush got his passport in 7 Hours. Vishal got his access in a few hours as well.

Never Carries Cards

Vijay Thalapathy Never Carries Cards

Despite being among the highest-paid in the Indian film industry and earning in crores, Vijay rarely has any cash in his pocket, nor does he have any credit or debit cards when he travels. He lets his driver handle all the cards since Vijay is careless and leaves his cards all over the table. One Odyssey Clerk misused his card, and it became a Police matter.

Favourite Tamil Singer

Vijay’s favourite Tamil Music Singer is a Young Girl called Pallavi. She is not even a mainstream singer. After hearing her on a Music App, his mother recommended the girl’s voice.

Loyal To Wife

Vijay Thalapathy is Loyal-and-devoted-To-his-Wife

As there is a saying, nothing is more attractive than loyalty; the same claims for the vanilla actor Vijay Thalapathy. He is loyal to the people he belongs. Like the other actors in the cast – Suriya, Rajini, and Ajith – Vijay is deeply devoted to his wife and has never been linked with any heroine. He rarely speaks with any heroine after his shoot.

Saved fans from a collapsing fence

Saved fans from a collapsing fence

Unlike most actors, who avoid getting close to their fans, Vijay has shown that he would risk his life to save his fans. During a movie shoot, a big crowd of fans gathered to glimpse Thalapathy. When fencing started to crumble, putting the fans’ lives at risk, Vijay rushed down to help his fans without hesitation.

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