10 Best Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker in India

Stainless steel pressure cooker:-When it comes to cooking vegetables, the very first image that comes to our mind is of a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is the most commonly sought item for cooking vegetables. It is a stable part of cooking food through which we can prepare food in very little time.

If you ask me which metal is best in cookware. My answer will be stainless steel. There is a good reason for this. Unlike other cookware, for instance, aluminum cookware that reduces our growth of bones and causes many serious diseases.

Stainless steel pressure cookware has no side effects but will benefit you in all ways. It will be the best choice to use stainless steel cooker in your kitchen. In light of all the problems that are caused by cooking in aluminum cookware. Stainless steel cookware will be the best option to opt for. 

After reading this guide you will have an understanding that how to choose the best pressure cooker for your needs. Moreover, I will list the top 10 best stainless steel pressure cookers in India. The list includes all the best pressure cooker brands in India like Hawkins, Prestige, and Pigeon.

Best Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers in India

1. Prestige Deluxe


Prestige has created huge goodwill in the market of cookwares tools, especially pressure cooker. The brand offers top and best quality stainless steel pressure cookers in India.

Its products are both efficient and durable one of them is Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker.

The products have an induction bottom, so a user is privileged using the product by consuming electricity in the case gas is not available in your house.

Customers Reviews

  1. Easy to Use:- The product is easy to use. It has a well-insulated handle on both sides. These handles help us to grip up easily from the stove even when it is hot.
  2. Easy To Clean:- The cooker has a heavy bottom and smooth surface which makes it easy to clean and dry.
  3. Durability:- If we judge this product from a durability point of view. The product is highly durable. It is made up of heavy and pure stainless steel.


  1. Outer Lid:- It is an outer lid pressure cooker made up of pure steel
  2. Induction:- Have an induction bottom, so it can be used electromagnetically to cook food

Good about this product

  • Stainless Steel
  • Tough and highly durable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Heavy and pure built quality
  • Compatible for induction cooking
  • 10 years of manufacturers’ warranty

2. Hawkins Stainless Steel

Steel Pressure cooker hawkins

Next, we have a product from Hawkins. Hawkins is one of the best brands for manufacturing good and best quality of stainless steel cookware in India. The brand has proved its area of efficiency and product durability.

Its stainless steel cooker is available in all sizes starting from 2 liters to 10 liters. The 100% stainless-steel construction ensures strength and safety but for the sake of consumer trust, the product is provided with a manufacturer warranty of 5 years.

To ensure uniform and fast heating, the bottom has an aluminum coating, inserted between two sheets of stainless steel. Moreover, the product is equipped with a pressure-locked inner lid. The product is fully compatible with use on induction stoves as well as on domestic gas.

Customers Review

  1. Build Quality:- The product is of Awesome quality. The body and lid are made up of 100% stainless steel. The only thing that differs is a thin membrane that is inserted at the bottom between two sheets of stainless steel. This aluminum sheet ensures quick heating.
  2. Cook Healthy:- To cook healthy food, I am sure that Heath conscious people will admire this product. It is highly recommended to use stainless steel cooker of some big brands like Hawkins. Unlike other products, the quality of the material is not compromised at all. The product is made up of pure stainless steel metal.


  1. Pressure Lid:- The product has an inner lid that opens only after the pressure inside the cooker gets fully released.
  2. 18/8 Stainless Steel:- This Hawkins product has been made up of high-quality Stainless Steel material. The ’18/8′ is a grade number which is assigned by AISI. It means that the stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel.
    • This composition of a compound is ideal to withstand the various acids found in many foods such as fruits, meats, milk, and vegetables. Moreover, the mixture protects the metals from corroding.

Good about this product

  • Heavy build quality
  • Compatible with induction
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty
  • Pure stainless steel metal
  • Sturdy Handle
  • Pressure Lid

3. Butterfly Curve


Another unique piece in the category of stainless steel pressure pot for cooking is Butterfly Curve Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker.

This product has been rated to be one of the best stove pressure cookers. The product is made up of premium quality stainless steel which is available in 3 sizes i.e 2 ltr, 3 ltr, and 5 ltr.

As the product is equipped with numerous safety features such as a safety valve, Ergonomically designed handles, and a rubber gasket to ensure no leakage while cooking food.

All the above features accomplish this pressure pot to be an ideal choice for cooking and ensures a risk-free environment in the kitchen.

Customer Review

  1. Value for money:- The product is one of the best products for the low budget people which is made with the premium quality material of stainless steel.
  2. Cooking experience:- This heavyweight product from the butterfly brand is the best pressure cooker for canning your meal. You will enjoy a great cooking experience as this pressure pot doesn’t burn the food.
  3. Durability:- The brand also claims that unlike other brands, their food-grade gasket lasts longer and does not cause any type of leakage. In brief, their product is one of the best pressure pot as far as hygiene is concerned.


  1. Body:- A bulged body in curve shape model which enables easy stirring and removal of food.
  2. ATB:- ATB refers to the Aluminium thermal base (ATB). It is found in almost every pressure cooker, the lower surface of the cooker is made up of 3 sheets in which the aluminum sheet is inserted in between two stainless steel sheets. This is done so that the pressure cooker will heat-ups quickly and a user will enjoy saving more consumption of fuel.

Good about this product

  • Heats up quickly
  • Unique look
  • Induction base
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty
  • Rubber gasket ensures noo leakage

4. Elgi Ultra


Introducing another in this list is a revolutionary cooker with a starch remover specially designed for dieting purposes.

Made of high-grade stainless steel, this Elgi Ultra Diet pressure pot is a perfect appliance for those who love to live a healthy lifestyle.

Like others, this pressure pot also has a High impact-bonded 3 layered composite base which helps you to cook fast and prevents burning and sticking of food.

This modern edge technology of removing excessive starch from food emulates the traditional practice of draining starch from rice after cooking or boiling. This technology will help you in reducing as much as 30 calories of starch in every meal. 

Customers Reviews

  1. Built quality:- The product is certified with a food-grade 304 issued by AISI which assures that the product is made up of premium quality metal. 
  2. Strach remover:- This Elgi Ultra Stainless Steel Cooker is the only product that provides you a portion of healthy food for dieting by removing excessive starch from food.


  1. Induction:- This pressure pot is compatible with both induction and gas cooktops.
  2. HANDLES:- Bakelite plastic made handles with twin screws make it easy to put down the pressure pot from gas even when it is hot.
  3. Impact bounded layer:- It has a three-layered composite base which aids in heating up faster and facilitating even distribution of heat throughout the vessel.

Good about this product

  • Rust-Resistant
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Removes Extra Starch
  • Impressive design
  • Impact Bonded base
  • Heat-resistant bakelite handles
  • Food does not stick
  • Keeps food hot up to 2 hours
  • 3 layered composite base aids fast cooking

5. Prestige with Glass Lid


Another one of the best kitchen appliances for pressure cooking is the Prestige Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure cooker. The product is a blend of dashing design and premium quality material that is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Save your precious time in cooking food with this advance and innovative pressure pot. Alike other pressure cookers, it has an aluminum foil sandwiched between two sheets of stainless steel.

For the purpose that the pressure remains sealed into your cooker and does not steam out, it is facilitated with a Controlled Gasket Release System. The pressure regulator is also of steel which indicates and releases pressure above 1 kg/cm2 which is a good value in safety measure.

Customers Review

  1. Fuel-Efficient:-Pressure builds up fast because an aluminum sheet inserted in between two sheets of stainless steel. Thus, it helps to cook fast and saves fuel.
  2. Easy to use:- The product is smooth and it’s Stainless Steel body makes it easy to wash. Being an outer lid pressure cooker, the product is convenient for cooking even without lid condition. 


  1. Outer Lid:-It is an outer lid pressure cooker that is made from high-quality stainless steel. This feature helps you to easily adjust the lid for closing the pot i.e you just need to press the lid for covering or closing.
  2. Double Screw:- The handles for griping up the cooker from the stove are fitted with 2 screws, making it last longer and durable.
  3. Glass Lid:- A glass lid on top of the lid with a ladle holder serves a better and convenient cooking experience.
  4. Induction:- This versatile product provides you the maximum utility as the product is suitable for both Induction and gas cooking.

Good about this cooker

  • 10 Years of manufacturing Warranty
  • With glass lid
  • Fast cooking
  • Suitable for induction
  • Stainless steel

Is Aluminium utensils harmful for health?

Aluminum cooking utensils are not safe. Food in aluminum gets poisonous. Cooking with Aluminum utensils decreases natural food power. Aluminum from cooking utensils leads to cancer. Moreover, food cooked in aluminum are can cause hyper-acidity, peptic ulcers, indigestion, flatulence, skin problems like pigmentation, eczema, dandruff and chronic inflammation of the intestine.

Which is better Aluminium or steel?

For sure steel is better in all cases. Even if we judge in case of corrosion, steel is harder than aluminum. Most alloys of aluminum easily dent or scratch as compared to steel.
Food in aluminum gets poisoned whereas in steel it remains natural. However aluminum has a much better thermal conductivity (conductor of heat) than stainless steel.


These are some of the best stainless steel pressure cookers in India which are available online. I highly recommend you all to replace your aluminum pressure cooker with the above-mentioned pressure cooker. Aluminum is not to be used in utensils because it poisons our food and causes many health problems which include cancer. So, in the end, I would request to suggest me some more products which can be added to this list.


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