List of 10 Top Electrical Companies in India

Top Electrical Companies in India:- The Electric power sector consists of the generation, transmission, distribution, and manufacturing of electric power and related equipment.

Though electricity was developed by the year 1800, it was a costly affair until Thomas Edison developed the Light bulb in 1878. It was commercialized, and electricity was made available to the public by 1881.

Today the Electric power industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with extraordinary innovations made in the previous century by scientists, engineers, and electrical companies.

Here is the list of top electrical companies in India. Let’s take a look at a few of them below: 

Top Electrical Companies in India



The foremost and best electrical company in India is BHEL. Established in the year 1964, BHEL is the top manufacturer of power plants and electrical items. It provides power and energy for every national project in India.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is commonly known as BHEL run and operated by the Government of India.

The company manufactures Motors, Generators, Pumps, Switchgears, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Sensors, Transmission systems, Power electronics, and many more.

Moreover, It provides other services like Testing, Commissioning, Transportation, Engineering, and Design of Electrical and Electronic machines.

It has 18 manufacturing units in India and several service centers. BHEL is the topmost Electrical Company in terms of market capitalization.

  • Started: 1964
  • Prime Product: Thermal & Nuclear Power
  • Headquarters: New Delhi

2. ABB


ABB is a global company manufacturing and offering mainly solutions for transformers and management solutions which originates from Switzerland.

ABB is a sizable company in India after BHEL. It is a subsidiary of ABB Group, with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

In India, it is one of the top electrical companies with products like Electrical applications, Modular substations, Distribution products, automation products.

Moreover, the has Circuit breakers, Switchgear, Measuring devices, Sensing devices, Wiring products, Voltage regulators, Rectifiers, UPS systems, Power transmission, Wind Converters, Solar inverters and control products. It is also involved in HVAC plant designing and commissioning.

  • Started: 1988
  • Prime Product: Transformers, Robotics
  • Headquarters: Ahmedabad

3. Crompton Greaves


Crompton Greaves is a universal electrical company manufacturing mainly switchgear in India. Crompton Greaves has an extensive network of sales and services across India.

The company was founded in the year 1878 and is currently one of the top Indian Multinational companies.

It provides several products and services like Transformers, Reactors, Switchgears, Mobile substations, Motors, Generators, Automation systems, LV switches, Panel products, and several others.

It also offers a wide range of consumer products like fans, lights, Pumps, Automation, Wiring products, and Home automation systems.

  • Started: 1878
  • Prime Product: Switchgear, Reactors
  • Headquarters: Mumbai

4. Siemens


Siemens is a Global Electrical company that originates from Germany and is a giant in the electrical sector in India. It is commonly known for its outstanding solution in Automation.

Siemens in India was formed in the year 1922 with its operations in Kolkata and Mumbai.

The companies were seized during World War II, but they reopened their operations again after the war. Currently, it has over 22 manufacturing units in India and provides its service in Pan- India.

Its parent company Siemens AG is located in Germany and is the top engineering company in Europe.

The company manufactures Transformers, Circuit breakers, Switchboards, Panelboards, Switch gears, Renewable energy products, Steam turbines, Smart grid systems, Surge protection devices, and many more.

  • Started: 1847
  • Prime Product: Automation, Water Treatment
  • Headquarters: Mumbai

5. Kirloskar Electric


Kirloskar Electric is an Indian Electrical company that is foremost in manufacturing DC sets across India. The company is operated by the Kirloskar group, which is a well-known business group in India.

Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd. is one of the leading Indian electrical engineering companies and is recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services.

The company got incorporated in 1946, Kirloskar Electric is a catalyst for industrialization in India.

Kirloskar Electric manufactures more than 70 products under eight product groups. The company offers a wide range of services such as power generation, transmission & distribution, transportation, and renewable energy, to name a few.

The company owns nine manufacturing locations and 34 sales offices spread across the country.

Also a large network of spare parts dealers and service centers. This allows the customer to have premium products, exemplary systems & services at competitive rates to our clients.

Their products are known for their high quality, durability, and reliability. The company complies with its working with international standards by acquiring & adapting the latest technologies along with in-house R&D.

  • Started: 1888
  • Prime Product: Traction, DC Sets  
  • Headquarters: Pune

6. Alstom


Alstom is a worldwide electrical company manufacturing and offering mainly passenger transport and locomotives in India. Alstom originates from France, and later on, it spread to other countries, including India.

The company is the Indian Subsidiary of Alstom, a multinational company with its headquarters in France. While its main focus is the transport business currently, it is still one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in India.

Its products are heavy-duty gas turbines, electrical and distribution products, electric grids, hydroelectric power equipment, and many more. The company was taken over by GE, making its global presence in transport and electronic business.

  • Started: 1928
  • Prime Product: Trains, Signalling
  • Headquarters: Noida

7. Havells


Havells India Ltd. is a giant electrical company manufacturing mainly domestic appliances and providing circuit services across India. It is commonly known for its wide range of fans in India.

The company was established in 1958 and manufactures several products like Switch gears, Switches, Flexible cables, Pumps, Water heaters, Lighting, Fans, Air cooler, and Home appliances Motors, and Reactive power solutions.

It has 19 manufacturing units spread across the world, 91 branch offices and 20, 000 distribution centers.

  • Started: 1958
  • Prime Product: Motors, Circuit Services
  • Headquarters: Noida

8. Bajaj Electricals

Bajaj Electrical Logo

Bajaj Electricals is a leading electrical company in India run and operated by the Bajaj group, which is a huge business group worldwide.

The company was established in the year 1938 under the name Radio Lampworked Limited and was later changed to Bajaj Electricals Limited in 1960.

It is one of the top manufacturers of electrical equipment and part of the Bajaj Group. It manufactures several consumer products like fans, lights, household appliances, solar lighting solutions, Integrated Building Management Systems, and many more.

  • Started: 1938
  • Prime Product: Appliances, Lightning
  • Headquarters: Mumbai

9. HBL Electronics


HBL is a universal company manufacturing and providing batteries and monitoring systems in India which originates from America. It is a public limited company that has its listing on both BSE and NSE.

Right its inception in 1977, the company focus on manufacturing-led R&D, driven by innovation with high technological barriers and/or engineering intensity.

The company has three organized groups of business, i.e. Batteries, Electronics, and Ammunition. The Electronics group of HBL is further organized into three businesses which are as follows:-

  • Railway Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics and
  • E-mobility


  • Started: 1977
  • Prime Product: Batteries, Monitoring System
  • Headquarters: Hyderabad

10. Easun Reyrolle


Easun Reyrolle is the parent company to ERL Group and is the market leader in electrical power management. Its manufacturing units are in Hosur and Bangalore, and its subsidiaries are located in several other countries.

It manufactures products like Protective relays, Control and Protection systems, Switchgear, Substation products, Transmission line products, Power distribution automation systems, along with various other products and services.

  • Headquarters: Hosur

11. EMCO Limited


The company was established in 1964 and is one of the leading manufacturers of power transmission, generation, and distribution equipment in India.

Its products are Transformers, Energy metering systems, Substations, Transmission towers, Transmission lines.

It also provides services of products and installation of equipment and plants. It has several regional offices in India, and it offers products to customers in over 50 countries.


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